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> “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”
-Dorothea Lange

A distant pounding noise startled Nolen from his slumber. He jumped with a start, his mind still immersed in the dream he had awoken from. His eyes struggled to adjust to the sunlight that was pouring in from his studio window. Thoughts raced through his mind as his heartbeat began to slow. The pounding started again, this time louder, closer. Suddenly, he realized that someone was at the door.

“Just a minute!” He called out, fumbling out of bed as he tried to free himself from it’s warm fibers. He had lost his shirt in the night, and could not find it beneath the mound of wool and cotton.

His pulse began to quicken, as he feared the unknown visitor would leave before he reached the door. Giving up on the shirt, he reluctantly made his way across the studio, preparing himself to answer the door in a pair of sweatpants.

“Please... don’t be a client.” Nolen muttered under his breath, bracing himself for the worst as he unfastened the security chain and switched the deadbolt.

The door silently opened, allowing Nolen to peek outside into the hall. His eyes met a pair of deep blue eyes. The eyes belonged to a young woman, a few inches smaller than he was, with natural blonde hair. The woman was casually dressed, a light yellow dress with a white shrug. Over her shoulder was a purse decorated in a pattern he was familiar with, yet could not seem to place.

“Well it’s about time Nole....did you forget about our plans today?” The woman questioned as she stared back at him with a smirk on her face. It was clear that she was bothered by his tardiness, yet she appeared to be enjoying herself.

“Uh...sorry Em. What was it we were -“ He began to ask as she raised an eyebrow at him. He stepped aside so that she could enter the studio apartment.

“You forgot? We were supposed to meet me for coffee, so that you could show me the proofs and I could pick out the ones I liked.”Emily smiled as she spoke, her gaze falling upon his exposed chest. He was small for his height, his body was lean, but not chiseled with muscles. She then shifted her attention to the apartment.

The apartment she now stood in was small, a single open room, with the exception of the bathroom which was hidden behind a wall of frosted window panes. The rest of the dwelling melded together, while certain areas still maintained its own unique individuality.

The space itself was tidy, with the exception of the bed that remained unkempt, pillows and blankets strewn about the mattress, some of which escaped onto the hardwood floors. There were wires attached to the bed to allow for it to be stored in the wall once it was ready to be put away. Across from the bed was a desk on which two computers sat. The desktop computer, an iMac, was connected to various devices through a USB hub. One of the devices was a digital camera, the word 'NIKON' was embroidered on the strap of the camera. The rest of the apartment held various pieces of equipment, as well as a few storage containers.

“I didn’t forget. You haven’t even given me a chance to get there. It’s not even twelve yet!” Nolen stated, as he desperately fought to stifle a yawn.

“Nolen, that was two hours ago. It’s almost three o’clock in the afternoon.” She spoke, a look of concern suddenly appearing on her face. “Are you still having trouble sleeping?”

Nolen gave a sigh and turned to walk across the apartment. He gestured for her to sit down on a couch next to his computer desk. “Let me grab a quick shower. I probably smell like ass. We’ll get started once I’m done?” Nolen asked as he avoided her question and moved toward a wall with frosted glass panes. It was the only room in the entire apartment.

“Would you like some company?” Emily grinned, watching as Nolen smiled back at her.

“Not this time.” Nolen replied as he moved the glass-paned sliding door open, and then quickly shut it behind him.

The door to the bathroom slid open twenty minutes later. Nolen stepped out, a towel wrapped around his waist as steam billowed from the bathroom. His graying hair was still damp, drops of water hitting his exposed flesh as he moved across the apartment. Emily had moved to his desk, and was perusing its contents when she noticed drops of water hitting her arm.

“You’re dripping a little, dear.” Emily said, glancing up into his deep green eyes. Her hand made contact with his as she released the mouse to the iMac so that he could take over.

“Sorry about that. I tried to hurry. I believe these are what you were looking for snoopy?” He said, opening a folder on his desktop that was marked with a bunch of numbers. He smiled as he shifted his eyes from the screen to hers.

“How do you even know where everything is?! There’s so much junk on this thing!” She exclaimed, referring to the hundreds of icons and folders on the desktop.

“It’s not junk. It’s work.“

"Ever hear of organization? I hear it's bigger than sliced bread.” Emily teased, examining the contents of the newly opened folder. Hundreds of photographs were spread out before her, in each one a familiar pair of eyes peered back at her. The images were so sharp, she could have been looking into a mirror.

“These look amazing, have you finished editing them?” She asked, excitement filling her voice. Nolen smiled at her, pleased with her apparent joy.

“Not quite. I've saved the completed photos in a folder. It should be near the bottom. How many did you say you needed?” Nolen had made his way to a dresser next to the bed, and was now searching for something to wear. He finally settled on a pair of loose khaki cargo pants, and one of his many charcoal gray shirts.

Glancing back at Emily, who was now staring at him with bright eyes, he asked, “So...are you going to stare at me the whole time, or those photographs?”

“I'm fine right here.” She replied, her grin becoming even larger. Nolen realized that she would not be fully content with just looking at the images on her screen, and retreated to the bathroom to dress himself. With the door ajar, he asked her “Mind if we discuss business over breakfast? I'm famished”

“You mean lunch?” She asked, the disappointment in her voice was unmistakable to him.

“Business first Emmie, then we can do whatever you want. I promise.” Nolen said, as he emerged from the bathroom. Gathering up his sling bag, he moved toward Emily. Grasping the camera, he untethered the device from the computer. Checking the battery and memory card, he gently placed the device in his bag.

Holding a hand out