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The cab ride to Maxwell's was brief, despite the late afternoon traffic. The driver proved to be experienced as he effortlessly guided the yellow cab through side streets, completely avoiding the busy streets of Boston. Nolen stared aimlessly out the window, trying not to think of how long the two of them had spent in the vehicle. On a normal day, Nolen would have never made a trip like this, especially in the middle of the week. The only mode of transportation he possessed, let alone desired to use, was a Trek Transport bicycle. The Trek had cost him a hefty price, but Nolen gladly paid the price to have the ability to navigate through the town. Automobiles were expensive, especially with the maintenance and fuel costs, let alone the price to park in the underground garage of his apartment building. For ten percent of the cost he could store his bike in one of the secure racks in the parking garage.

The car came to a sudden stop, causing Nolen's body to lurch forward. Nolen managed to brace his arm against the glass divider before his head made contact with it. A sense of uneasiness overcame him as he frantically looked around the cab. Emily, who had been texting on her phone, was now bent over, trying to locate her mobile in the dark abyss of the cab floor. Upon retrieving it, she turned her attention to Nolen.

"Are you alright?" She asked, concerned about the sudden change in his complexion. The color had drained from his face, but was slowly returning. He was obviously not a fan of vehicles. Emily could not recall a single moment where she had seen her friend in a vehicle, let alone in one.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Is this place much farther?" Nolen asked, failing to conceal the anxiousness in his voice.

"It's actually just a block over. Excuse me, sir, could you let us out here?" Emily addressed the cab driver, who obliged her request and turned into an empty parking spot on the side of the street.

Nolen exited the cab through the passenger door on the driver's side, feeling more at ease now that he had his feet on the pavement. He retrieved his wallet from his back pocket and was preparing to pay the fare when Emily placed her hand over his wallet. Handing the cab driver a handful of bills, she took Nolen by the arm and directed him down the street.

"Are you sure you're ok? You looked awfully pale back there." Emily hesitantly asked, afraid to offend her guest.

"I promise, I'm ok. Just not a big fan of cars I guess. You should have let me pay the fare." Nolen said as Emily pulled him towards a building. Maxwell's was a brown bricked building with a red canopy and large front windows. Peering inside, Nolen could see an assortment of booths and tables. In the back of the building was a bar of some kind, but Nolen doubted it served any type of alcohol.

"What kind of place is this again?" Nolen asked as Emily pulled him inside.