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# Vignette 8

**Vignette 8: Write from the perspective of a child who is separated from his or her parents during the eruption. Do they search for their parents? Do they run and hide?**

As the molten ash came falling down, the destruction of my city was almost like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from. I happened to be coming back from a long day when there was a sudden jerk, and the entire city was covered in ash. Well, let me start from the beginning. I was about 15. I was a typical fifteen year old with her future just within grasp, but was still too little to be an adult but too big to be a kid. I had many jobs that had to be done. For example, I had to make sure all of the younger kids stay out of the street and do chores. My mom and dad drowned when I was 14, so I was basically like mom, dad, and sister rolled into one. My siblings are Arachne, Basil, Amara, and me, Cora.

Meanwhile Agrippina was watching the fundamentals of her power crumbling before her very eyes. Her temple, the city that held her in great esteem...gone. As the ship sailed away, she felt so much anger, that she wished those cold, cruel gods would actually listen to her for once, and crush to death that stupid, arrogant fool, Marcus Venetius. It was his fault. His....and Caesar's, too.

"Keep people calm, keep people happy" - these were her orders from Caesar and she had done just so. Every day people came to her with offerings and asked about the white smoke coming out of the sacred mountain. "The gods are happy, the goods are generous and send their sign of peace and benevolence." Agrippina had known it was a lie. But it was a lie coming from the highest place of human power on earth - from Rome.

On the day of the eruption I had taken my sisters with me to the market. Basil was old enough to stay home and tend to things there. My father had left us with a good fortune. The home was left in my name, but when Basil was of age the house would be moved over into his name. He protected us the best he could, but on that day no one could have protected us; only the gods and they had seemed to forsake us.

"Amara we already bought enough fabric for one day. You don't need anymore." I scolded her and handed the silk back to the merchant.

"How do you expect me to find a husband if I must wear these rags?" She tugged at her dress, which had been our mothers.

It was far from being the rags that Amara made them to be. Mother had kept her belongings orderly and neat. I, myself, had only worn the dress once.

"Don't you dare insult mother's dress. She met father in that."

"That makes it old."

I sighed and pulled her away from the merchant who was by now quite perturbed with my interruption. Archane was playing with a small doll I had purchased for her. She giggled as she made it dance. It was nice to see her smile. Those had been far and few as of late.

"Lady Cora." A man's voice came from behind me. As I turned I wish I hadn't.


Cornelius Sergius was a terrible man. Twice my age he had been pursing me since my parents passing. He wasn’t shy about it either. It wasn’t that he was much older than me, which was quite normal; it was the fact that he was so disgusting. He chewed with his mouth open and he often did that too much because he was quite robust.

Cornelius licked his lips. “Have you considered my offer any further?”

I leaned down to Arachne. “Run off with Amara.” I turned back towards to Cornelius, while Amara took their youngest sister off towards one of the food stalls. “I have.”


“I’m sorry Cornelius, but it’s just not the right time.”

“This is your only time and opportunity. You aren’t getting any younger and not many men will want you in your current state.” Cornelius sneered.

“Let me be clear, I am not, nor will I be, interested in your proposal. If that means I must remain a spinster and marry off my sisters I will. Their happiness is what matters the most.”