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Vignette 18

Write from the perspective of a newcomer to Pompeii in the days before the eruption. What do they think of this city built at the base of a volcano? Do they want to stay?

Hi everyone,
I'm adding a list of members of your vignette here so you can keep track of each other:
@sbrat74, @scline09, @SeriousShadow, @severineyung, @ShaileshK, @shaleen, @ShanghaiBetty, @shazzssi, @sheanne, @sheltie, @Shonu, @shreya_16, @Shru_Sreeni, @shwet.sam, @sigh-.-Ptobeornottobe9, @silvertips, @Silvina, @Siobmarr30, @sjl2015, @skadamby, @Skeptismo, @skyro, @slalomsquid, @smita, @wenkent
As always, let me know if you have any questions.
-Ann at Grammarly here's where to write for vignette 18.

hope to hear from everybody soon. every contribution by somebody will make this a better project. welcome to vignette 18. time to start brain storming! :) -Beth

Started by Grammarly and currently assigned to sigh-.-Ptobeornottobe9 Discussion started Oct 30, 2014