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# Planning

For the Level 2 and 3 assessments, you are required to do planning for your programs, and document it's progress. This is easily shown in a written document covering different aspects of the program which highlights changes in your program during its development.

Let's look at planning some small exercises out, and as we learn more concepts and our projects get larger, we will continue practicing planning.

Hey Jack,

Great to meet you the other week; I had an awesome time at CS4HS. Hey I had meant to ask this in the sessions we had on these assessments, but is the "plan" considered to be the whole lot that they submit - variable tables, flowchart and testing plan - or just the flowchart? Like when the standard says things about showing flexibility and robustness, does that have to be shown on the flowchart, or could it be taken from evidence in say their testing plan and description showing that invalid values won't work, or something else? I spoke to someone who thought it all needed to be on the flowchart, and it if wasn't there it didn't count, as the flowchart was "the plan", but it seems like it should all be considered.

Anyway, just thought I would grab your thoughts if/when you have time. No major hurry as it's holidays now!