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# List with Descriptions

- **Address Bar** V. 1.21 Gaku
_Shows fullpath of currently selected tab._
-- Select Breadcrumps or Windows XP style
-- Select width
-- Standard config options: Location, Menu, Keyboard, Mouse
-- See also: Add-on Simple Address Bar

- **Folder Settings** V. 1.04 Gaku
_Memorize listview settings and automatically restores them. A very powerfull help for daily work._
--Design things like column selection, width of columns, view mode, column order, sort order ...
--At 'Options' of add-on _Folder Settings_ select 'Use current folder view'
--Accept with Ok button
--You get the full path as filter in list (left and top right) and all saved settings in listbox (middle right)
--Windows Explorer can save this settings, too. But ...
--Feel free to finetune filter with **wildcards** (e.g. C:\Windows\*) and add many more presets (e.g. Tiles view with picture dimensions for your picture folders, audio details for your music folders ...)
--Dn't forget to accept with Ok button on bottom.

- **
Main Menu** V. 1.07 Gaku
_Adds the well known window menu system with_ File, Edit, View _and so on._
-- Enable/Disable visibility (be carefull!)
-- Standard config options: Location

- **Size Status** V. 1.00 Gaku
_Shows free disc space of volume of currently selected item. (You remember Status Bar of Windows XP Explorer?)_
-- Enable/Disable visibility
-- Standard config options: Location