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# List with Descriptions

- **Address Bar** V. 1.21 Gaku
_Shows fullpath of currently selected tab._
-- Select Breadcrumps or Windows XP style
-- Select width
-- Standard config options: Location, Menu, Keyboard, Mouse
-- See also: Add-on _Simple Address Bar_

- **Folder Settings** V. 1.04 Gaku
_Memorize listview settings and automatically restores them. A very powerfull help for daily work._
--Design things like column selection, width of columns, view mode, column order, sort order ...
--At 'Options' of add-on _Folder Settings_ select 'Use current folder view'
--Accept with Ok button
--You get the full path as filter in list (left and top right) and all saved settings in listbox (middle right)
--Windows Explorer can save this settings, too. But ...
--Feel free to finetune filter with **wildcards** (e.g. C:\Windows\*) and add many more presets (e.g. Tiles view with picture dimensions for your picture folders, audio details for your music folders ...)
--Don't forget to accept with Ok button on bottom.

- **Font Settings** V. 1.01 Gaku
Choose your desired font, font style and size at 'Options' of this addon . This selection covers all elements, treeview, listview, address bar, even menu and dialogs.
On larger font sizes it could be neccessary to increase size of some dialogs to reach 'Ok' and 'Cancle' button.

- **Horizontal Favorites Bar** V. 1.00 Gaku
At menu 'Favorites' you can add any directory location to your favorites list.
To quickly jump to this locations the Horizontal Favorites Bar presents them as buttons .
A right click onto a favorite gives the original context menu
-- See also: Add-on _Favorites Bar_ for vertical favorite lists.
-- Standard config options: Location

- **Main Menu** V. 1.07 Gaku
_Adds the well known window menu system with_ File, Edit, View _and so on._
-- Enable/Disable visibility (be carefull!)
-- Standard config options: Location

- **Size Status** V. 1.00 Gaku
_Shows free disc space of volume of currently selected item. (You remember Status Bar of Windows XP Explorer?)_
-- Enable/Disable visibility
-- Standard config options: Location