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# Connect to Android folder on wireless LAN

With WebDAV, you can access the Android folder connected via wireless LAN.
First, install and run the WebDAV server on Android.
Search for "webdav server" in Android's play store and install WebDAV Server.

[WebDAV Server - Google Play](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.theolivetree.webdavserver)

Run WebDAV Server.
Press the middle button to start the WebDAV server.
Make a note of the URL address that appears when you start the server.
In this case it is "".
Next, download the WebDAV plugin of Total Commander from the following site.

[Total Commander - Plugins](http://www.ghisler.com/plugins.htm#filesys)

Click "32+64 bit" next to WebDAV to download "webdav.zip".
Extraxt a downloaded "webdav.zip" to the appropriate folder.
Next install Total Commander File System Plug-in Add-on with Tablacus Explorer.
First, Help -> Get Add-ons
Click "Install" of Total Commander file system plug-in
Click on "Add-ons" in the left pane to go to the add-on screen then click "Options" in the Total Commander file system plug-in
Click "Browse..."
Select "davplug.uwfx" of webdav.zip that you just extracted then click "Open".
When successful, various information is displayed in the information column, so click "Add".
Click "OK".
Click "OK" to finish adding an add-on.
Enter "\\\WebDAV" in the address bar and press "Enter".
(Case sensitive)
Hold "Ctrl" and press "K" to open the folder creation screen. (If you recently installed, press "F7" OK too.)
Give the appropriate name and press "OK".
As it becomes the setting screen, put the memo URL address into "Connect to".
Then check "Send/Receive accents in URLs as UTF-8 Unicode." (If you do not check it, non ascii file name will be garbled.)
Press "OK".
You can access the Android folder by going to the named folder.
You can go to the appropriate folder, and you can extract and insert files.