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      # Languages

      ### Available
      Tablacus Explorer supports selecting the language of its GUI.
      Actually (NovFeb 20157) there are televen languages available:

      - English (en)
      - French (fr)
      - German (de)
      - Italian (it)
      - Japanese (ja)
      - Portuguese (pt)
      - Russian (ru)
      - Spainish (es)
      - Simplified Chinese (zh_cn)
      - Traditional Chinese (zh)
      - Turkish (tr)

      Select your favorite languae under Tools - Options - General

      ### btw
      You are welcome to support Tablacus Explorer with additional languages!
      This can be done by copying an existing translation file there
      _C:\Program Files\Tablacus\lang_
      All you have to do is to change the second part of the lines.
      &Close application
      becomes to
      in German.