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# About this project


This is a
collaborative book of fascinating startup stories.

The media has portrayed startups like Hollywood movies, creating idols out of Bezos, Zuckerburg & Jobs - portraying the experience as :

1. having an idea
2. ---
3. massive success

The reality is much different (and actually much more interesting). The psycological, emotional, technical and business challenges are vast.

Let's gather some stories - some little nuggets from our experiences - and share them with the world. I think we wi'll uncover fascinating (sometimes hilarious, sometimes painful) tales and maybe learn some lessons that will make future dreamers successful.

My name is Micah Cohen. I will be moderating & editing the stories coming in. The editing process will be collaborative. The goal will be to make the stories more readable, concise and grammatically correct. You can choose to submit your stories as "Aanonymous" and leave out names of companies or people. Email micahcohena@gmail.com if you have questions/suggestions.