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# About this project

The idea is to collaborate to tell interesA collaborative book of fascinating stails of success and failure. Startups are idolized with sexy stories of fame, fortune and millions, all within 6 months of thinking of an idea. The reality is much different. rtup stories.

The media has portrayed startups like Hollywood movies, creating idols out of Bezos, Zuckerburg & Jobs - portraying the experience as 1.having an idea 2. --- 3. massive success. The reality is much different (and actually much more interesting). The psycological, emotional, technical and business challenges are vast.

Let's gather some fascinatingstories - some little nuggets of stories from our experiences - and share them with the world. Maybe even threw iI think we will uncover fascinating (sometimes hilarious, sometimes painful) tales and maybe learn some lessons that will make othfuture dreamers successful.