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# Mapillis
A strategy game by Patrick Callahan, inspired by the [four color theorem](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_color_theorem).
## Requirements
1.- 2 players
2.- 2 pens/pencils
3.- 1 piece of paper

## Rules
1. Players decide on a number (any number over 4 works, but a number between 10 and 20 is recommended).
2. Players take turns drawing lines, adding one shape each to the map until the number of shapes on the map equals the number decided in the previous step.
1. Shapes must all be connected (no islands).
3. Players take turns adding the numbers 1-4 to a section of the map, while keeping to the following rules:
1. Like-numbered sections must not touch, but may share a corner.
2. All numbered sections are forever marked, and may not be changed.
4. If a player finds that they cannot place a number without breaking one of these rules, then they lose the game and their opponent wins.
5. If neither player loses, then the game is a tie.