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# Welcome to the Penflip alpha!

You've probably just signed up, and you're wondering what's going on here. Well, I wanted to get Penflip and running as fast as possible, so there are currently no _features_ pages, or help sections, or really any guidance at all - just the core, essential features. So for now, this is the basic introduction to Penflip and how it works.

I want Penflip to be awesome, and I can't do that alone. I need your help :) Let's use this project as kind of a 'headquarters' for the alpha. Above, you'll notice the '[Discussions](http://www.penflip.com/Penflip/alpha/discussions)' section - we can use this to submit bugs and feature requests, talk about what we like and what we don't like, etc.

One last thing before we jump in - this is intented to be a _small_ semi-private alpha. If you're here right now, I've invited you because I think you can provide valuable insight to make Penflip great. The tech behind Penflip is heavy and complex, and I'd like to get most of the kinks worked out before opening up the doors for a public beta.

That being said, since this is a site for collaboration, inviting friends is obviously encouraged, but please don't blast this off across the internet :)

And now, the rough intro to Penflip:

## Projects

Everything on Penflip is based on projects. If you want to write on a book or a research paper or anything in between, [create a project](http://www.penflip.com/projects/new). The project page is the headquarters for you and your collaborators - you can write new content, edit existing content, invite collaborators, have discussions, browse past changes, see project activity, export your project, and more. Projects can be public or private. Public projects (like this one) are accessible by anyone, while private projects can only be accessed via invite.

## Writing

You'll see 'Edit' buttons across the site. Clicking any of these buttons will take you into a distraction-free 'writing mode', similar to Google Docs and other writing tools. For now, everything is written in [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/). For an explanation on why markdown is awesome for writing, [read this](http://nerdplusart.com/markdown-is-the-future/).

## Versions

For every project, there is a master version. Whenever you invite somebody to your project, a new version will automatically be created for them, and all of their changes will be made on **their own version**. When your collaborator is ready to submit their changes into the master version, they'll create a Merge Request.

## Merge Requests

A Merge Request is a group of changes to your project. All merge requests go into the master version. As the project owner, you control the merge requests: you can accept them, ignore them, and comment on them to suggest changes. When you accept a Merge Request, the master version of your project will be updated with those changes.

Ok, testing a merge right now.


I have a very, very long list of things to do for Penflip. This is only the beginning. Just so you know where things are going, Here's a consolidated list of things in the pipeline:

- version 'syncing' - currently you can only update master version with the changes from other versions, but you should be able to update versions with the latest changes from master version
- better project exporting and formatting - title pages, different fonts, citations, etc
- teams/organizations - currently projects can only be owned by individuals
- mobile-friendly everything
- import projects from github/google/word/wordpress
- better public project discovery

# Ready, set, go!

So, that's Penflip. I'm glad you're here and can't wait to see where this goes.

Now, go jump in and [make your first project](http://www.penflip.com/projects/new)! :)

\- Loren