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Editing Contributor Submissions Cumbersome - almost product breaking

[version 1.01 of this feedback]

So this might be subjective, but the editing process (which is what penflip should be assisting with) is cumbersome to the point of almost being product breaking, unless I don't understand the process.

  1. A contributor submits a chapter for changes.
  2. I like some of the changes, but not all.
  3. I then go to edit the changes - remove the ones I don't like, leave the ones I like. That way, when I accept the changes the accepted ones in the chapter are merged in.
  4. The problem is when I go to edit their submission, the merge highlighting showing the difference between their changes and the master are not there, and not highlighted. This required me to have:

a. Additional browser windows open
b. A master version in word open
I use these additional versions in an attempt to make sure when editing the submission for changes to the master I spot them all, keep the ones I like and remove the other ones.

Sadly, this is really cumbersome, and more importantly, is just as hard to proof (because changes could be a comma to a period, etc. there are easily missed changes when the comparison highlighting isn't there).

This feels to me the big remaining issue for what I was looking to penflip for. I don't want to accept their change requests complete, I need to accept some and reject others in a chapter.

At the moment, I get around this by:
1. Opening the master in one window - edit mode
2. Opening their changes with comparison highlighting in another
3. Making changes in the master
4. Rejecting the change request to clear them, even though I manually updated some in master.
5.Keep an external word/doc file open with a master version of all the accepted chapters as back-up/comparison/etc.

I would really say, given the features that currently exist (now with rejection! yeah!) I can live with the Alpha issues, but it is so cumbersome editing a submission for acceptance that it really endangers the use.

Would you please, when in a master account and previewing submitted changes for a chapter, when I go in to edit the changes (which are beautifully visible before I edit their branched chapter), that the change highlighting is still visible within the editing page.


Started by Canadaboy Discussion started Apr 28, 2014