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Showing diff à la Git/Github

hi, I'm a newbie but thanks for this great service.
I've been longing for this kind of Git-based writing environment.

One thing I just noticed is that the diff visualization was slightly off from what I had expected initially. A friend of mine sent me a corrected version of my text which included 2 diffs, but I couldn't notice the 2nd one which was all down the page.

Using Git on Terminal / Github everyday, I subconsciously expected all the diffs to appear at once. Instead, the current visualization on Penflip is somehow like Google Docs, which shows the diffs inside the finalized text.

I'm not sure yet, but I'd love to see all the diffs at once, just like in a regular Git/Github experience.

Started by dominickchen and currently assigned to loren Discussion started Jul 14, 2014