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Folders mistakenly deleted due to naming issue

I created folder with the names 'year-11', 'year-12', and 'year-13' and they were displayed with those names but I was hoping I could display them as 'Year 11', 'Year 12', and 'Year 13'.

To save time that logging into the git server and renaming it, I created new folders with 'Year 11', 'Year 12', and 'Year 13' and moved the files across and deleted the old folders. Seems like the new folders get saved with the same names, and it deleted everything. My activity log has "Move year-12/readability.txt to year-12/readabi..." which shows the same folder name.

Will try and figure out a rollback on the server.

Started by JackMorganNZ Discussion started Sep 18, 2014