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Penflip for promoting new projects

One of the biggest challenges on Penflip is discovery. Recently active projects isn't an effective method for discovering new Penflips because you often see the same projects again and again. Furthermore, many of the projects that people have created are just test projects and contain no significant content. I propose the creation of an official Penflip project for announcing new projects. This would resolve two problems:

  • Firstly people would presumably only announce their projects on this Penflip if they had a certain level of seriousness and had produced or intended to produce something substantial.
  • Secondly it would allow us to just see projects that are actually new, as opposed to just recently edited.

This would increase engagement on the site by enabling more effective collaboration. At the moment, the only method to be visible is to get stars, but if you don't have stars, then it is very hard for people to see your project and for you to gain stars.

Started by casebash Discussion started Sep 29, 2014