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Organizing content - feedback

Hi. I subscribed recently, because Penflip seems to be on the best track to create a great collaborative writing solution. The collaborative part seems to be done really great.

Here is some feedback about organizing content:

The way I am writing, and I suppose many writers do that, is to split their content into easily manageable chunks = scenes. Single txt files work great for that. Then folders can be used for further organization. A folder = chapter for instance (I suppose nesting would come in handy in some cases).

But this kind of workflow depends a lot on renaming such chunks frequently and changing their placement - and currently this isn't handled very well. As far as I can see there is no way to change the name of the file. We can change the title, but it's not displayed in the sidebar. It's displayed in the project view - but there we can't change the order of chunks.

How I would like to see it work:

We only deal with titles online - and not by adding a header at the top, but with a GUI element in the sidebar. The filenames are handled internally, and not displayed online - but they are automatically created and later updated to reflect the organization in the git. A scene that is titled "We meet the protagonist" and is the 7th item in the folder becomes 0007-we-meet-the-protagonist.txt for instance.

Changing the order, or the title, would rename the file. Order change/rename would be a commit as any other - if done by a editor, it would require approval by the author.

The sidebar would need to be wider/resizable for this to work.

Started by PLyczkowski and currently assigned to loren Discussion started Mar 07, 2015