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Paula Lambert on outdoor sex and limits of privacy
People do not pay attention to the boundaries of others. What I really want to say: It's festival and outdoor concert time! You know what that means. Mass-inspired people, who think of nothing better than to block the rare festival toilets with their desires. I'll never understand how anyone in a dixie-loo can ever feel any other cravings than the purest escape impulse, but let's face it, every jeck is different. What is really bad about this is the fact that entangled people prevent others from meeting urgent needs. Incidentally, that's exactly what has always bothered me about outdoor sex; People do not pay attention to the boundaries of others. For example in the airplane. What is so stimulating about it, in a puddle-strewn plastic cell bodily fluids of all kinds (urine would still be okay, really) to exchange, is incomprehensible to me. And I'm really someone who enjoys the happiness of other people. But if someone needs the thrill of being discovered / seen, or absolutely wants to be caught, then please go to a clean environment. Everything else disturbs my mojo.
A dull mix of beer and over-the-counter showersMy festival experience has proven 100 percent that most people were drunk and unappealing (Raviolirest on T-shirt, a dull scent of beer and over-the-counter showers), but maybe it does it differently. Maybe I'm too much on an appetizing environment and partners who smell appealing. There is the story of Napoleon, that he should have instructed his wife by letter, to wash from now on no more. So it may be that you tend to lean in the direction and I'm just a bit sensitive. Everything possible.
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Maybe I'm just not an outdoor couple. Maybe I'm just not an outdoor couple. Sex on the beach I think stupid, because I do not like scrubs inside and disturb the company of shellfish in my genitals. In the forest it stings and itches. One time I had a nightmare experience at full moon in the middle of the forest and I can only say that taking part in the Blair Witch project is nothing compared to the panic that I felt at the time given the cracking, hissing and murmuring the forest had given me.
Loving lust needs the intimacy of a safe environmentI do not want to be caught by a stupid-looking conductor in the train compartment. Sex should no one on the pointer go, I think, even if many people just so the annoyance of the other exciting find. I suspect that this has a lot to do with the urge for self-expression. Loving lust, however, gently breaks its course and needs the intimacy of a secure environment. Everything else is pure instinctual drainage and also, I think, has earned a decent environment. For example, during a wedding drive a stolen quarter past the barn or at the family party around the corner by car, yes. But let me have the birds at festivals. Listen to the music rather. The only exception would be if Slash came off the stage personally. But then please do not in the Dixie toilet, but in the right style in the anteroom, where the instruments are stored. So much time has to be.
All the best, Paula
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