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# Publishing Overview

Write here..Penflip projects can be converted and downloaded with a single click, turning a collection of text files into a beautiful compilation.

You can download any project you have access to, including both public and private projects, by clicking **Download** from the project page.

### Export formats

The following formats are currently supported: `.pdf`, `.docx`, `.epub`, `html`, and `plain text`. You can also download the full source of a project, which includes all project files and folders unaltered.

### Downloading alternate versions

By default, the master version of a project is compiled when downloading, but you can download alternate and past versions. To do this, view any [version or tag](https://www.penflip.com/Penflip/help/blob/loren/getting-started/versions.md) for a given project by selecting accordingly from the project page, as seen in this screenshot:


Clicking **Download** while viewing a particular version or tag will compile and download the project with the current selection. If you tag your releases (_v1_, _v1.5_, etc), you can download those past releases at any point in time