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# Publishing Options

There are a few default book styles (_Technical_, _Business_, and _Fiction_) to select from when a project is created. These defaults set appropriate page sizes and font styles for project downloads. Document projects have a single default style.

Customize the style and formatting of downloads in **Settings > Publishing Options**.

Here is a full list of publishing options:

**Book options:**
Table of contents, page breaks, page numbers

**Cover style:**
Cover page, cover color, title color, author color

**Text options:**
Font style, paragraph indent, font size, line spacing, link color

**Page formatting:**
Page width, page height, top margin, bottom margin, left margin, right margin

**Code block styling:**
Line numbers, border, border color, background color, keyword color, string color, comment color


### Copyright Options

From your project settings page, you can choose between a traditional copyright (e.g. ©2014 John Doe) or a Creative Commons public copyright license. Penflip uses the latest Creative Commons Version 4.0 licenses. Several options let you customize the license to fit your needs.

These licenses are primarily for inclusion in compiled PDFs, but you can also choose to display the selected copyright on your project page.

![cc licenses](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10941557/Penflip/cc-licenses.png)