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# Penflip Basics

Some core concepts of Penflip to get you started:

### Projects

The project page is the headquarters for you and your collaborators - you can write new content, edit existing content, invite collaborators, have discussions, browse changes, see project activity, export your project, and more.

### Writing

You'll see 'Edit' buttons across the site. Clicking any of these buttons will take you into athe distraction-free 'writing mode'Penflip editor, similar to Google Docs and other writing tools. Everything is written with [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/). For an explanation onTo understand why markdown is awesome for writing, [read this](http://nerdplusart.com/markdown-is-the-future/).

### Versions

Every project has a master version. Whenever you invite somebody to your project, a new version will automatically be created for them, and all of their changes will be made on their own version. When a collaborator is ready to submit their changes into the master version, they'll create a Merge Request.

### Merge Requests

A Merge Request is a group of changes to your project. All merge requests go into the master version. As the project owner, you control the merge requests: you can accept them, ignore them, and comment on them to suggest changes. When you accept a Merge Request, the master version of your project will be updated with those changes.


Still confused? Email support@penflip.com for help!