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# Working Offline with Git

Internally, Penflip uses [Git]( to manage versions, changes, and merges. By using Git or a Git-enabled tool, you can sync writing projects on your computer with Penflip. This allows you to work offline (using any text editor you want), then _push_ your changes to Penflip with a single click.

## Using command-line Git

If you are familiar with using Git from the command-line, you can have at it. The clone URL to use is available from your project's "Settings" page.

If you want to work offline with command-line Git on a version of another's project, here are some pointers to make it work:

1. Get the clone link of the project. This is the link you see on top of the page of the project + .git. For example with this project you do

git clone

2. Work locally
3. Push to your version branch, for example user `loren` would do

git push origin master:loren

## Using the GitHub desktop app

_Note: I'll be using the Mac app here, but the steps should be similar for the Windows app._

**1) Download and install the GitHub desktop app**

For Mac:

For Windows:

**2) Create a project on Penflip**

If you don't have a project yet, create a project here:

**3) Download your project**

You can download your project and add it to the GitHub app at the same time.

For Mac, type this in your browser:


For Windows, type this in your browser:


Make sure to include the full link to your Penflip project. For example:


The GitHub app will open. Select where you want to download your project to, and click 'Clone'.


You now have a copy of your project on your computer, including the full history of changes you (and your collaborators) have made.


**4) Make changes**

Your project is now on your computer like any other file or folder. You can make changes using and text editor. Here, I'm using textmate.


**5) Sync changes with Penflip**

The following steps are done through the GitHub app.

Switch to the 'Changes' tab:


Turn on 'Commit & Sync' (square toggle switch):


Type a description of your changes in the 'Commit summary' box:


Click 'Commit & Sync':


**6) Done!**

Verify that your changes have been synced with Penflip by looking at your project page.


Still confused? Email for help!