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Changing a contributor's change doesn't warn them

Use case:

  1. Alice creates a doc. It's at version A1.
  2. Alice adds Bob as a contributor.
  3. Bob makes changes, creating version B1. He adds a descriptive comment when prompted.
  4. Alice clicks Pending Changes and view Bob's proposed changes.
  5. Alice edit's Bob's proposed changes. It's now at version B2.

Problems (?)

  1. Alice is never prompted to describe the changes she makes to Bob's version.
  2. Bob never receives any notice that Alice changed his version. He can't ever tell what she changed unless he has a good memory - there's no way to retrieve B1 or compare it to B2. Nothing on Bob's screen ever indicates to Bob that he's at B2 and B1 is lost forever.

Proposed fixes

(I'm assuming it's too complicated to ask Bob to pull Alice's B2 changes into B1, e.g. for him to treat B1 the way Alice can treat A1).

  • Prompt Alice for an optional description of B2.
  • Let Bob at least compare any version Bn with his B1, even if he can't reject them.
Started by richardbondi Discussion started Mar 05, 2014