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Adding Members To A Project

(1) When adding members to a project, can you only assign people that have previously registered with Penflip?
(Comment: If so, there really needs to be text on this page indicating people to be added need to already be registered)

(2) Is there any way for me to assign contributor rights to a project to a person unregistered (they would then receive an email that they've been given rights, and can complete registration).

(comment) The find member box returns all registered users (it appears) on matches to registered name and email addresses, this feels like a violation of privacy - why add such a leak, adding this unesssecairy visibility, to the registered user lists.

(3) The add people dropdown is confusing - the box expands to multiple rows, and I keep thinking there's data to add on the "set access level for them" row, but there isn't, and when I click the box to make it shorten and see that row, what I filled into the add people search box loses the data in it, making me start over.

(comment) It's a barrier to bring in new users to a project.

Started by Canadaboy Discussion started Apr 18, 2014