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      # Project Types

      There are two types of projects on Penflip: which are book and document.

      ### Book

      A 'book' project has afiles collection of files. Each chapter is a separate file. When you export your project, tThe files will be combined and turnappeared into a presentable book. With a new book when you export your project, s. Some files are generated to get you started on a new book project. You can create new files/chapters as needed for your project. It's all about your preferences.

      A book project also comes with a 'discussion board' where anyone working on the project can participate in conversations about theregarding the particular project. New conversations on different topics can be opencreated at any time, and old ones that are or can be closed if it's no longer relevant can be closed.

      ### Document

      A 'document' project has a single file, much like a Google Doc or Word document. This type of project is ideal for short stories and collaborative essays. Withhile a book project is recommended for longer papers (e.g. a PhD.D. thesis), a book project is recommended, so that the so paper sections of thcan be paroper can bely organized into different files.

      Instead of a discussion board, a document project has a simple unthreaded 'chat' feature.

      ### Public vs. private

      When you create a new project, you can choose to make it public or private. A public project can be discovered by anyone, while a private one can only be seen byfor certain people whothat you explicitly share it with.

      give an access to collaborate.

      Are you s
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