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    PaulB - almost 2 years ago (May 14, 2018, 11:37 AM)
    Made a note on how parts and section names are changed into filepath names: without spaces :-( Bad Design Decision since linux is very capable of handling spaces by surrounding spaced filepath with quotes.
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      Looks like something's not quite right here.. We've been notified of the issue, and will get back to you soon.
      # Organizing Contents

      In the web editor, you can organize the contents of your book via a drag and drop interface. This is obviously not available if you're working offline. Instead, you'll notice a `Contents.txt` file (hidden in the Penflip web editor), which achieves the same goal: displaying and organizing the contents of your book.

      The Contents.txt file should contain a list of files to be included in your compiled book. The structure is simple: list one filepath per line. You can add, remove, or rearrange filepaths as necessary. Only the files listed in Contents.txt will be included in your project when it is exported.

      An example Contents file:


      Filepaths are case-insensitive, spaces are not allowed. You can specify chapter names with capital cases and spaces, although these are converted to dashes. For example, if you name your first part `First Part`, and your section in this part `When Shove comes to Push`, it will be renamed to the following case-insensitive, non-space filepath: `first-part/when-shove-comes-to-push.txt`..