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# How my day summery looks like

My day summery can be split into 2 main categories - What happned today and what I want to happen tomorrow.
I took it from the scrum methology standup meeting.
While i'm going through what happened I keep my list of tomorrow's todo's (in the end it will be only 2 items but we will get to that later) open so I can put there anything that pops up during.

## Going through what happned today
- **Diary** - I write a diary in Google Docs. I have a folder and for every day I create a file with the name as it's date. inside I write in free words what happened today. would love to hear more suggestions about other tools to write it in.
- **Email** - I'm going through my email only once a day. It took time to prevent myself from looking at it more often, but it saves so much time. I've took that suggestion from the amazing book "The 4 hour work week" by Tim Ferris.
- **Messages** - I keep my phone notifications sounds and vibrate off so it won't desturb me in the middle of the day. when I pick up my phone I see the silent notifications so i'm not missing anything. but in the end of the day i'm going through all the message apps i've got (SMS, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook messanger) to see if i've missed anything and if there is something I need to take care of tomorrow.
- **People** - Istead of looking into Facebook 20 times a day, I've created lists in Facebook accourding to my connections and I follow only those by the end of the day. The first list is a predefined one - "Close Friends". It's anyone you star in Facebook. I have about 15 people including family there that I care about the most and I always start with that list. The other lists are "Work", "Abroud friends" etc...
Going through those lists helps me see what up with my friends and also reminds me if there are stuff for tomorrow that I need to do with them.
- **Phone logs**
- **Calendar**
- **[Facebook Events](https://www.facebook.com/events/upcoming)**
- **[Google Location history](https://www.ideapod.com/idea/53c9417977656271a7940100)** - A great and somewhat hidden feature of Google. Keeps track of everywhere you've been. I like it a lot but I can understand it might make people feel like someone is spying on them.
- **Love** - A time to think about your partner if you have one or how to get one if you want one..
- **Personal Finance** - Go through your back website, look at what you spent money on today and how are you with your financial goals.
- **health** - Track fitness goals and set new ones.
- **House** - Think about your house if you have one or where to travel if you are traveling.
- **[Time tracking](https://www.ideapod.com/idea/5363040b77656267bf1b0100)** - On what did you spend your time on today, was it the way you wanted to, what can you do better tomorrow
- **[Online diary](https://www.ideapod.com/idea/53c9461b77656271b6470100)**

## Planning tomorrow
- **TODO list** - From all the todo's you've written during the list above pick only 2. the 2 that you will be happy and setisfied with your day if they will be accomplish. now delete all the rest. tomorrow morning do not do anything else until you've finished those 2. it might be the whole day. it might take 10 minutes.
- **[Not TODO list](https://www.ideapod.com/idea/5362f9b577656267b00a0100)** - Write a few tasks to help make sure you won't do them tomorrow no matter what! examples: Facebook, have a long lunch, or any bad or time consuming habit you want to get rid of.
(Those 2 bullets are also inspired by the book "The 4 hour work week" by Tim Ferris)