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**Practical Implementation:** The Network Technician should actively participate in planning, designing, building, configuring and commissioning telecommunication devices, networks, and systems, such as voice and digital data systems. They must make sure telecommunications systems interconnect with equipment from different manufacturers, service providers, and users.

**Troubleshooting and Monitoring**: The technician should define appropriate configurations of telecommunications hardware and software, ensuring desired performance of telecommunications equipment. They need to analyze the requirements of existing telecommunications systems for interference, intelligibility, and clarity.

**Evaluate Systems :** Technicians usually set up and assess LANs (local area networks) and WANs (wide area networks). They use both hardware, such as routers, hubs and cables, and software, such as network drivers.

**Service and Solutions :** Network Technicians use technical knowledge to provide assistance and engineering solutions involving different modes of information transfer, such as wireless telephony services, internet, and broadband technologies.

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