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The job of a technician entails working directly with clients to install and maintain networks. Moreover, technicians monitor the IP network systems to identify and resolve any glitches affecting their performance, in addition to configuring, testing, and improving them.
They train clients and in-house personnel so that they can operate networks properly. Technicians also give them tips to troubleshoot any basic networking issues as they arise. Technicians should have had experience in single-mode, multi-mode, fiber optic, and CAT5/6 cabling.
They should be knowledgeable about TCP/IP protocols, DHCP, DNS, and other networking basics.They should be familiar with virtualization technologies, such as Hyper-V and VMware.
The technician maintains computer equipment, mobile devices, phones, cabling, routers, switches, and printers, among others, to address all client’s networking requirements.

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