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I can't even tell you how many requests I've had for nested folder support. Too many. The general idea is this: add folders to a project to split it into parts. Each part has several chapters, creating a content hierarchy.

Well, you can finally do it! Adding a new folder is as simple as clicking the New Folder icon from the Penflip editor sidebar. Drag chapters into a folder and rearrange them inside the folder. You can also rearrange folders. Nesting files and toggling folders open and closed results in a much cleaner editing interface. So that's pretty cool.

new folder

But the real magic happens outside the editor. On your project page, folders are represented as sections. You're no longer limited to an unwieldy flat file list. With multiple sections and nested content, you can quickly and easily create some pretty nice looking documentation. In fact, we're already doing it with Penflip Help:

project sections

But wait... that's not all! Folders are turned into 'parts' when downloading as a PDF. You can now have a multi-part book by splitting your content into folders. The table of contents will show parts and the chapters nested beneath them. Download the Penflip Help project as a PDF to see what this looks like.

So, folders give you: a cleaner editing interface, more organized project pages, and multi-part books. Go make some folders!

Folders documentation