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UPDATE: Advanced formatting and publishing options

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Many Penflip writers have been asking for a way to fine-tune the format and styling of downloads - particularly PDFs. There were a few options, but they were limited. Now there are over two dozen settings, including colors, page size, margin size, code block styling, and more.

You can access the new set of options from your project page, by clicking Settings > Publishing Options. There's also a shortcut from the download popup.

The whole shebang

A complete list of the current options:

Book options:
Table of contents, page breaks, page numbers

Cover style:
Cover page, cover color, title color, author color

Text options:
Font style, paragraph indent, font size, line spacing, link color

Page formatting:
Page width, page height, top margin, bottom margin, left margin, right margin

Code block styling:
Line numbers, border, border color, background color, keyword color, string color, comment color

Up next for formatting and publishing

In no particular order:

  • Copyright options
  • Download as kindle .mobi format
  • Upload cover image
  • Preset styles
  • More font options

Happy publishing!
- Loren

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