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What should I be doing?

I've always been captured by two seemingly unrelated things: technology and international relations. When I was in high school I found myself running the Model UN club while simoltaniously reading the latest stories on MacRumors every night. I would dream up new consumer electronics products one day and be totally consumed by the latest (political) news of the economic recession the next.

After debating what I wanted to do with my life for year, I decided that going into international relations would be the best path forward. Technology was just a hobby that took a few too many hours of the week. A life in politics would be a life well spent.

So the years went on, and I had no regrets. I was loving my classes on political theory (Gunther-Canada) and international relations (Corbeta), and couldn't image looking back to that debate I had with myself in highschool.

And then I had an idea. I had been using the iPhone 4 for about a year, and I had this idea that the iPhone could have a better [task switcher](http://brentcas.com/ios-app-switcher/). I got a little carried away with the Photoshop, wrote a lot about what I was thinking, and posted it to the forums on [The Verge](http://www.theverge.com/). Stuff like that gets popular on their forums, so I wasn't really too surprised that people liked it. But it was weird when developers wanted to build the thing.

So I built it with some random developer that introduced himself online and it launched to
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people about a month later. But that was just a side project, a hobby gone too far. I was going to Washington soon after and knew that this UI thing wasn't anything that could make a career.

And then I had another idea. The latest tech news was saying that Android was actually getting pretty good. It revealed all the activity in the users life in a way that iOS kept locked away; siloed in each app. So I thought, [what if Apple just did what Android was doing](http://brentcas.com/ios-lockscreen/)? So I got a little carried away with the Photoshop, wrote what I was thinking, and posted it to The Verge. But this time was even weirder. A small tech news publication called The Tech Block wanted to republish it on their site. About a day later, Gizmodo wanted to publish it as well. 100,000 views later, and I started to think this wasn't going to be a hobby anymore.

The next few months were interesting. I had just spent the last 3 years reading, living, and absorbing just about everything IR that I could. Now it seemed like I was on a totally different path. I had a new job doing freelance work for a online publication startup and I didn't see an end to the fun that I was going to have as a designer, but it felt like I could have been way ahead if I had just started doing this stuff years ago.

But I didn't let it get me down. I kept going forward with my IR studies, and kept working on interface design as soon as I got back to my dorm. I was a split life.

Then something that was probably enevitable happened. I started to