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      **Are Spam Messages in Email Inbox Annoying you!! Block Them Now**

      Yahoo mail uses very complex filters to avoid spam emails. Every email you have received in your inbox is first scanned; if it is a spam then it will automatically send to your spam folder.
      Spam is becoming the major problem in the email world but there are many ways which will help you to reduce the amount of spam message coming in your inbox. There are many amazing features are there which don’t allow any spam message sent to your inbox. Here we will provide you information regarding [How to block spam on Yahoo mail in your inbox](http://www.yahoosupportnumber.net/blog/how-to-report-spam-in-yahoo-reporting Yahoo spam email/).s
      **Block Email address**- You can also block an email address that is constantly spamming your inbox of your account. If you are repeatedly getting emails from an address that is avoiding Yahoo's spam filter then, you can permanently block it.
      In order to block addresses, you must need to log into the Yahoo Mail on a computer and remember that you can't block any addresses from your mobile device.
      • First, you need to scroll the cursor over the Gear button located in the upper-right corner.
      • Choose "Settings" and select the "Blocked Addresses" tab.
      • Enter the address in and press "Block".
      • You need to repeat the steps if you want to block any other email addresses.
      **Unsubscribe from legitimate marketing email messages:** Most of the marketing and junk email that you received in your inbox are actually secure marketing messages. You can unsubscribe these emails by clicking the "Unsubscribe" button located at the bottom of the message. Unsubscribing from a mailing list may take a week or two to take effect.
      **Mark messages in your inbox as spam:** You can also mark a message as a spam from your inbox. Then it automatically sorts the unsolicited spam messages from your inbox and moves them to the Spam folder, where messages will be deleted automatically after seven days. This will mark the sender as a spam and future message will automatically send to the Spam folder from that particular email.
      You can also report spam messages to the anti-spam organization.
      **Create Filters for Spam:** You can also create filters for common spam terms. If you are facing a lot of spam message coming into your inbox, then you can use filters to automatically send emails to your spam folder. You can only create filters from the Yahoo Mail web interface. **Yahoo mail spam filters** will block the common terms such as supplement, enhancement or any wrong word.
      • First, you need to scroll the mouse over the Gear button and choose "Settings".
      • Press the "Filters" tab.
      • You need to press the "Add" button to create a new filter.
      • Choose "Spam" from the drop-down menu located at the bottom of the window and save the filter.
      These mentioned above information will help your inbox to avoid getting overflows by spam emails. These are some ways which will help you to block spam message. To know more about this, you need to visit [Yahoo supportcustomer support](http://email-support-numbers.com/how-to-contact-yahoo/) page for help.