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Your project is alive!

This file is what your collaborators will see when you invite them to your project. You'll probably want to change this and write something about your project, so they know what's going on. Click the small white 'Edit' button above to make changes to this file.

Here's a quick primer on how Penflip works:

## Projects

Right now, you're looking at the project page for your new project. The project page is the headquarters for you and your collaborators - you can write new content, edit existing content, invite collaborators, have discussions, browse changes, see project activity, export your project, and more.

This is a 'Book' project, which has a collection of files. Each section or chapter is a separate file. When you export your project, the files will be combined and turned into a presentable book. Some files have been created to get you started:

- **About.txt**: an introduction to your project
- **Contents.txt**: the contents of your book, like a table of contents. Each new file you create will automatically be added to Contents.txt, but you can remove or rearrange them as necessary.
- **chapter1.txt**: a sample chapter that would be included in your book

## Writing

You'll see 'Edit' buttons across the project. Clicking any of these buttons will take you into a distraction-free 'writing mode', similar to Google Docs and other writing tools. Everything is written with [Markdown]( For an explanation on why markdown is awesome for writing, [read this](

## Versions

Every project has a master version. Whenever you invite somebody to your project, a new version will automatically be created for them, and all of their changes will be made on their own version. When a collaborator is ready to submit their changes into the master version, they'll create a Merge Request.

## Merge Requests

A Merge Request is a group of changes to your project. All merge requests go into the master version. As the project owner, you control the merge requests: you can accept them, ignore them, and comment on them to suggest changes. When you accept a Merge Request, the master version of your project will be updated with those chang
A futuristic world in which for most people, all they have is their block. With rampart poverty and no help from anyone but themselves. A few families try to survive and make a better place for themselves and their families.