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A week later I was walking down the same street that I had been chased on. I had given a lot of thought in regard to what had happened. Thought a lot about how I had felt and what I wanted to do if I was put into the same situation. What I would do if that same boy was chasing me. I would handle it.

I had a small knife that I took from my Mom's kitchen. I had put tape around the handle to make it easier to grip and hold onto. I had practiced hiding it and staying things with it. practiced how I would hurt someone if they got near me again. How I would handle them trying to grab me.

I saw them again. They were in the exact same position. This time I didn't hesitate. This time I walked right toward them. They looked at me and the same one that had chased me started approaching me.

When he realized I wasn't backing down he looked back at his friends. They said, "I bet he's got a gun!" They then froze and waited as I approached. I got a few feet from them and realized they might have a gun! And if they drew it right now I would be dead.

We both waited for the other. After a few seconds of silence the one who had mentioned that I had a gun then said, "If he had a gun, he would've used it by now! Get him!" but the one who had chased me before was hesitant to move.

That is when I made my move. I walked up to him and pretended to hit him with my hand. He saw my move and immediately went up for the block, which I had expected. As he came up with his arm I made my jab at him with my knife. Which I had practiced to move quickly. I stated quickly, hoping the pain would cause him to attempt to grin the wound I had just created.

But the stab hadn't really hurt him. I had missed and he then noticed my real motivation for being there. He squalled "He's got a knife!" and backed up.

The leader then turned stood up and said, "You don't bring a knife to a gun party!" And brought out his small gun. Which appeared to not be much, but still looked very scary, and enough to kill me with.

"Look, this is between him and me." I said, hopping it would be true.

"That was before you brought out the knife. You drop the knife and I''l think about putting away my gun." He didn't look serious, but then I had no choice in the matter. So I dropped the knife. Which the kid close to me immediately snatched from the ground. "This is going to be fun now!" He smiled in delight and started looking at my knife.

Then I started running again, hopping this time I could get away. After a few strides I looked back and noticed they weren't chasing me. But their leader appeared to be aiming with his gun. I tried to duck and weave so he couldn't hit me if he decided to take a shot.