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A few days later I saw my cousin at my house. He was visiting with his Mom. When he saw me he said, "Hey, how it going with those bullies I saw you with last week."

"Oh, you know, we avoid each other" I said with traded hesitation. I could tell he noticed that I was scared about it.

"Look, I'll take care of them for you" he said.

"You be careful, I know one of the has a gun. And another has a knife." I said

"How do you know that?" he asked, wondering how in the hell I could know something like that.

"I approached them the other day, I was going to fight the one who had chased me.." I said with regret.

"Really? We'll tonight you'll have your chance. I'm tired of these guys messing with you. And I found out who they area. They shouldn't be sitting there with guns, its our area.