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For the teeny socialist in me, it has been a tumultous 2 years.
I've run a factory employing about 40 people and the dispartiy in pay and lifestyle leaves me with a hollow feeling in my chest.

How does one accept that he is earing over 20 times what the least paid person is making in the same environment?

Given, there are differences in the work we do - his body's ability to work is proportional to his ability to earn, while with me the onus is on my intellectual skills.

But no matter how I see it, it stems down to this basic fact: my ability to earn today is mainly because of the lottery of my birth. I was born to parents who could afford to educate me and introduce me to society circles where my abilities were in demand.

This brings me to the Orwellian conclusion - All men are equal, some men are just more equal than others.

True capitalism rewards the rich and punishes the poor - you need money to make money. At the other end of the spectrum, socialism punishes the rich and rewards the poor.

what we have today isn't even capitalism SIt is corporism which is based on corporation is a government about corporations instead of people.