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      For the teeny socialist in me, it has been a tumultous 2 years.
      I've run a factory employing about 40 people and the dispartiy in pay and lifestyle leaves me with a hollow feeling in my chest.

      How does one accept that he is earing over 20 times what the least paid person is making in the same environment?

      Given, there are differences in the work we do - his body's ability to work is proportional to his ability to earn, while with me the onus is on my intellectual skills.

      But no matter how I see it, it stems down to this basic fact: my ability to earn today is mainly because of the lottery of my birth. I was born to parents who could afford to educate me and introduce me to society circles where my abilities were in demand.

      This brings me to the Orwellian conclusion - All men are equal, some men are just more equal than others.

      True capitalism rewards the rich and punishes the poor - you need money to make money. At the other end of the spectrum, socialism punishes the rich and rewards the poor.

      What we have today isn't even capitalism, It is corporism which is based on corporations not freedoms and democracy. It is a government about corporations instead of people. Lobbyists give politicians money in exchange for votes. Republicans are for the wealthy and so are Democracts, yet Democrats will lie about being for the poor, as they never help the poor only the wealthy who donate to their campaign funds.

      You will find that life is all about pain and suffering. Poverty is but one form of pain and suffering. The wealthy don't suffer as much as the poor because they use their wealth to ease their pain and suffering at the expense of the poor. Even in Communism it is members of the communist party who are the elite or wealthy and everyone else is the poor they take advantage of. Socialism is no different, they got richfare which is socialism for the wealthy. Government bailouts are richfare, in a socialist government they spend more social programs on corporations to bail them out then they do with the poor.

      Abortion, gun control, birth control, and other laws target the poor and allow the wealthy to have domination over the poor. The rich don't use abortion and birth control, but it is used as eugenics against the poor. With abortion and birth control being legal, you cut down on the poor population. This was done to the Native-Americans, and then the African-Americans, and then the Japanese-Americans. It cut down on their numbers and allowed the wealthy to dominate and control them, even doing genocide on them.

      Life has no meaning when all you know is pain and suffering. Religion offers a way out of pain and suffering, but it too has been corrupted by the wealthy to become this materialistic thing instead of spiritual thing. So whatever meaning religion used to give to life, has changed. It is all about money, power, control, and paying for your sins by donating money to charities or non-profits. I am sure Jesus Christ didn't teach those things, but Christians surecertainly seem to believe in them and follow them even if they are countrary to his teachings.