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# **Python Essential Reference**

## Print Stuff
1. print year, principal
2. print "%3d %0.2f" % (year, principal)
3. print format(year,"3d"),format(principal,"0.2f")
4. print "{0:3d} {1:0.2f}".format(year,principal)

## File
### Read File:
f = open("foo.txt") # Returns a file object
line = f.readline() # Invokes readline() method on file
while line:
print line, # trailing ',' omits newline character
print(line,end='') # Use in Python 3
line = f.readline()
### Write File:
f = open("out","w") # Open file for writing
while year <= numyears:
principal = principal * (1 + rate)
print >>f,"%3d %0.2f" % (year,principal)
year += 1