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# Chapter 23: Karinna Is a Cunt-Ass Bitch

Our little Costumer's Lost Weekend event is next weekend, which is funny because I was totally convinced that it was still two weeks away until everybody started talking about how CoCo is two weeks away. Ugh! I hate it when I'm a complete moron like that! So then I spent like four hours last night making up a handout for my lecture, and I'm relieved that it is mostly done now. I'm doing a talk about faking your own historical shoes with modern substitutes, plus a bit about fantasy shoes, too, for the non-historical folks. I didn't realize how much experience I have with this topic until I started digging through my shoe stash. I've been costuming for over 15 years now, and I've never worn a pair of reproduction shoes; everything I've ever worn has been cheap and modern. So hopefully, those 15 years of being a shoe tightwad will finally pay off for something. ;)

The bad part about it being next weekend instead of later in the month is that I don't have a babysitter for E on Sunday morning, so now I'm not sure if I'll bother with the brunch or not. I could still go and drag the boy child with me, but I'm not sure if it is worth the effort if none of my LJ friends are going. (anybody? anybody?) I wasn't planning on going to any of the afternoon workshops since none of them really interested me and they all require fees, so maybe I'll just go on Saturday and skip everything else. I can always save my new 60s dress for the next AE or Vintage Clothing show.

I'm also not sure what I'm wearing for the party on Saturday night. I was originally thinking that I'd wear my natural form dress from last year's CoCo gala, but I'd have to re-do my hairpiece and flowers, re-attach the balayeuse, plus a couple of other minor fixes that I am TOTALLY not in the mood to do right now. The backup plan is to wear my painted dress so I could get another shot at taking decent photos of it. I never did blog about that one because I've been too lazy to get all dressed up in it again. I'm definitely leaning toward Regency at the moment, but who knows what I'll feel like later in the week.

What I REALLY want to do is throw together a Grey Lady costume from Harry Potter right now since I am totally obsessing on HP and all things Ravenclaw this week (did I mention that I joined Pottermore and we spent all morning on a hike so we could collect wood for wands?). I found a big roll of cheesecloth fabric in my stash and it's been lurking in my brain ever since.

Okay. Somebody needs to talk me down from the crazy-train. Just writing that down makes me want to do it a million times worse now! LOL!Write here...