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If a filename (chapter name) is changed by another user while someone is editing it, when the second person's changes are submitted the file will no longer exist. This will cause the master and the author to get messages saying that there is a conflict with the document that must be resolved before changes can be approved, but Penflip does not offer any way to resolve the problem.

The master must either rename the file to its original name or create a new (empty) file that has exactly the same name as the missing file. This will allow them to approve changes, and content can be cut and pasted as appropriate once the conflict is resolved.

2. When referencing another document as a hyperlink, in order for other people to be able to see it the URL that should be used is the one that shows when you view the file from the table of contents. The format will look like: https://www.penflip.com/jarod/chain-reaction-machine/blob/master/FILENAME.txt If the file is referenced from the editor or the preview screen, it will include other path info that makes the link broken.

3. If Penflip lets you view a file but insists that it does not exist when you try to make changes to it, try viewing and making changes to other files until you are prompted to update your copy with changes from the master. After this happens, you should be able to access the original file.