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      # A New Chapter

      1) Room Setup at Techshop
      - Address the wreckage caused by previous occupants.
      - Bathroom (mirror, sink, toilet, floor, trash)
      - Trash/recycling
      - Bar counter top
      - stow chairs/tables
      - Set up the bin wall table and bring out the event materials.
      - Set up the tool table and bring out the tools/tape.
      - Arrange event materials/tools in an attractive and inviting way.
      - Choose triggers and place them at start/finish and in between team areas
      - Apply blue tape on the floor randomly.
      - Set the bathroom on fire.

      ## PA & Electronics
      Music & Mics

      2) Room Setup Offsite
      - Locate specific event space and decide on best orrientation (including chain reaction device flow direction, tool and material table locations, preserving walking space).
      - Set up the tool and materials tables.
      - Unload tools and materials from the van/truck onto the tables.
      - Arrange tools and materials in an attractive and inviting way.
      - Unload triggers and place them in between team areas.
      - Apply blue tape to the floor randomly.
      - Locate bathroom.
      - Set the bathroom on fire.

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