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    boogaboogaboo - about 6 years ago (Apr 02, 2014, 11:26 PM)
    Added a troubleshooting section for the known Sync Error
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      Looks like something's not quite right here.. We've been notified of the issue, and will get back to you soon.

      Resolving. . .


      1. Sync Error
      A contributor no longer has access to the book or document and only receives a sync error. ![Sync Error](images/sync_error.jpg)
      Clicking resolve conflicts will retrieve the following screen.
      With a list of different changes below.
      This is often created as a result of the said contributor making changes to a chapter/doc that had it's title changed before their changes were approved.
      The work around is to recreate a new document or chapter title using the same title that the changes were made to - the old title.
      Penflip will recignize this as a conflict that will give both the master and contributor the ability to select which document to keep.