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    described breakdown, clean up and leaving the facility after an event
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      ###Clean Up Following EventPost Event

      Breakdown (clients have left the building)
      - disassemble chain reaction machines
      - sort and organize parts back into appropriate containers
      - move parts and triggers into the hangar

      Clean Up
      - pull up tape from the floor
      - breakdown tables and put in hangar
      - put chairs away
      - gather and take trash/compost/recycling out to bin
      - sweep floor
      - clean bathroom if necessary
      - restock bathroom supplies
      - clean kitchen if necessary

      Lock Facility
      - remove plastic door openers and put on bar
      - turn off lights
      - make sure doors are locked
      - lock scissor gate

      - Destroy whatever the event participants built.

      - Pile everything into a gigantic randomly assorted heap in the hangar.

      - Cackle madly next time you see Emily.