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      ##Master of Ceremonies Cheat Sheet

      ###Your Job
      Use storytelling to help the guests understand:
      -where they are
      -what this event is
      -how it is going to work
      -why it matters.

      Set tone of fun and creativity.
      Break down hierarchy by communicating in an informal, playful, and authentic way.
      Assess needs throughout the event and modify approach as needed -- be careful to balance guidance with brevity. Giving them space will give them license to be creative.

      ###Chain Reaction Schedule [210 minutes]
      TechShop Tour [30 minutes]
      MC Personal Story [2 minutes]
      Connect Tour & TechShop to Tumble Tower [3 minutes]
      Introduction to Chain Reaction [5 minutes]
      Build #1 [60 minutes]
      Setup and Test Run [5 minutes]
      Award Straightline Prize [5 minutes]
      “Two Hints”
      Build #2 [50 minutes]
      Setup and Final Run [5 minutes]
      Award “the Rube” Prize [5 minutes]
      Gratitude & Goodbye [5 minutes]

      ###TechShop Tour [30 minutes]
      See Basic Tour Summary
      ex: “An open access, do-it-yourself workshop and rapid prototyping studio. It has the tools and software that give you the opportunity to to build anything.”

      Tailor that tour to the information you learned about the group -- before the event or what you’ve learned from chatting with them.
      Different emotional experience involved in making something.
      ex: “Making allows us to be authors and creators. Even (and maybe especially) when its collaborative there is something powerful about changing the world in a physical way. Taking something from an idea to something you can touch and feel. There’s something special about having an idea and then using your hands to turn that into something in the physical world. Most of us don’t get to do that very often in our day jobs.”

      Maker community, diverse knowledge, and ecosystem that makers can thrive in, with new financial platforms (kickstarter, Indigogo, etc) that support them and the new flywheels (SFMade, TechShop) that accelerate learning (through making).

      Explain how the activity for next few hours will be a quick immersion into what TechShop can be like.

      ###MC Personal Story [2 minutes]
      Telling them your story: Impresses them, connects them to you, and gives them license to treat you like an authority as well as a peer.
      “Humble brag” about yourself and introduce your co-workers by name indicating who they are.
      This reinforces your connection to making and the community that you are part of.

      ###Connect Tour & TechShop to Chain Reaction [3 minutes]
      Connect their tour and TechShop to what they’ll be doing next
      ex: Everyone in that shop is building something. Today we are going to be building something. We’re going to be building a Giant Chain Reaction...a.k.a. a Rube Goldberg Machine.”
      Explain how the activity for next few hours will be a quick immersion example of what TechShop and its community is at its very core.
      Set up their expectations to succeed and become a stronger team.

      ###Introduction to Chain Reaction [5 minutes]
      Building a chain reaction machine: Like a Rube Goldberg machine it’s a super complicated, funny, creative machine contrived to perform a simple task.
      What does that mean? It’s like dominoes, yes, but also balloons, funnels, marbles, etc.
      "The g
      oal is open ended, flat out, cut-your-ear-off creativity, not the machine working. "

      ex: “We used to give a prize for the “raddest section” that freakin’ worked. We figured out that was boring. Now we give a prize to the weirdest, craziest, funny, creative machine.”

      "We have power tools on the left, and sexy junk on the right. As you can tell from the selection of sexy junk, we have a set of expert curators, relentlessly combing the finest of 99 cent stores to find material for your event. Apparently, they are extremely fond of dominoes, popsicle sticks and googly eyes."

      No instruction and you can buildo more or less whateveranything you can think up.

      ###Time Boxes:
      1 hour for first build;5 minutes to set up for the first run.
      45 minutes for second build; 5 minutes to set up for the final run.
      Straightline prize to the least creative contraption after the first run.
      “The Rube” prize to the most creative after the final run.
      Encourage them to:
      Use vertical space, gravity, levers, pulleys, slingshots,
      When I yell go, you’re going to use the bin wall [point to], the tool table [point to], and your brains [point to your head] to build the most creative, complicated, funny chain reaction possible.
      “Ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!”

      ###Build #1 [60 minutes]
      Anything that needs to be announced do through a whisper campaign.
      Setup and Test Run [5 minutes]
      Schedule is sacred!
      Announce 14 min, 4 min and 1 min warnings

      ###Award straightline prize
      Reminder: this was a test run, now take what you’ve learned and build upon it.
      Award Straightline Prize [5 minutes]
      Try to pick a team whose personality will “wear it with dignity” and it won’t hurt their confidence as much as egg them to do better.
      Two Hints
      Teams that do best are the ones that jump right in and start working.
      Two seemingly paradoxical tips: (1) Have Fun; (2) Fail Fast
      Failing fast helps you get comfortable with failure.
      Lots of tiny fails helps prevent strategic/catastrophic failure
      Fun is the perfect coping mechanism for failure.

      ###Build #2 [45 minutes]
      maybe add an electrical component
      Ask teams to come up with team names.
      Announce 14 min, 4 min and 1 min warnings
      Start a whisper campaign that you will be doing team interviews.

      ###Setup and Final Run [5 minutes]
      Announce 14 min, 4 min and 1 min warnings
      Start a whisper campaign that you will be doing team interviews.
      Do interviews, starting by asking their team name, from the last team through the first team.

      ###Award “the Rube” Prize [5 minutes]
      Teachable Moment
      Make it 30 seconds or less.
      Something like:

      Failing Fast is hard. Mostly because of the failure part. I’m not great at it. Constantly focused on perfection – for example, this is my first time leading this event. Hopefully I didn’t FAIL – but I had to be aware that was a possibility—and be okay with it. That allows you to gain from failure.

      ###Gratitude & Goodbye [5 minutes]
      We hope you had a great time. I know we definitely did.
      Gratitude, shaking hands, kissing babies.