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# Graph Interfaces

Write here...## Linked Query Interface

### User Scenarios

Investigative journalism
Geographic / Urban navigation
Knowledge Management

### Functional Interactions

The aim is to allow navigation/exploration/investigation into large and complex graph structures for instance:
- Selection: Quality clustering.

- Trajectory: Start from a selection and move in/out/sideways towards a new resulting selection
- Can be some kind of faceted column views approach
![Faceted Graph Parcours (Column Views)](images/photo-6jpg.txt)

- Pathways: Set 2 (or more) "pole" selections. Allow discovery of different pathways and connective structures.
- Patterns identification: Identify patterns/structures. Resonant selections (a la Gruff visual query on steroids): Select nodes, infer different unique properties, resonate with other structures (more strongly visually with stronger matches, fading towards less resonant structures...)

![Network Topology Vocabulary](http://blog.stephenwolfram.com/data/uploads/2013/04/network-topology-barchart2.png)

![Mini Social Networks](http://blog.stephenwolfram.com/data/uploads/2013/04/mininetwork-grid-large2.png)

### Adaptative Visualisations

Depending on intrinsic properties of the graph and domain based hints, different visualisations could be automatically suggested.
- Inputs
- Density of attributes

- Linking:
- Mapping of "significant" properties to specific visualisation parameters
- Display only interactive visualisation parameters that are significant (a la http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/upshot/buy-rent-calculator.html?_r=0)

- Visualisation parameters
- 2D/Nodes
- Force directed:
- Chord
- Scatter

### Other inspiring data interactions

- Filter

- Highlight

- Projection

One dimensional

Two dimensional