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Jun Matsushita authored
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# CoreOS on Hetzner Bare Metal

Ordered server with Rescue System Installed

???? Confusion: Is it this bz2 binary image? http://beta.release.core-os.net/amd64-usr/current/coreos_production_image.bin.bz2 converted into tgz

Attempt with raw image through installimage without RAID
```installimage -a -n zeta -i coreos.tgz -r no -d sda```
Then Download coreos install script and run

??? I think I didn't use what's above in the end.

wget https://raw.github.com/coreos/init/master/bin/coreos-install
chmod +x coreos-install
vi config
- ssh-rsa ASDASSD rsa-key-20101011

```./coreos-install -d /dev/sda -c config```
Then ssh using the core user.
```ssh core@x.x.x.x```
Now I should activate the software raid manually under coreos...