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# fix aol error 212

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How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Error 212

AOL desktop gold has been widely used across the world because of its enhanced and extraordinary features. However, it is not free from errors, which create problems for the users. AOL error 212 is one such error, which occurs when you try to send mails to a recipient using messenger. There are many causes of this error such as viruses, malware, or you might be using the outdated version, etc. Another reason can be when the users **[aol gold download](https://www.customersupporthelpline.com/download-aol-gold-software/)** link without checking the system requirements and the system fails to meet the software’s compatibility. So if you have been facing this error and it has wholly annoyed you, you can get in touch with the experts at support number, and ask them for assistance regarding the issue. But before contacting them, have a look at some of the symptoms, causes as well as solutions to fix this error very soon.

## Symptoms of AOL error 212

• When you face frequent crashes of your system window program
• Slow functioning of the system is also an indicator of this error
• You will see AOL error code 212 displayed on your screen
• When your computer freezes again and again

## Causes of AOL error 212

• You might not have downloaded the software completely, or it might be corrupt
• Your Windows registries might be corrupted
• Online threats such as viruses and malware might have infected the files related to AOL
• You might have accidentally deleted AOL programs
• A lot of caches and cookies also lead to this error
• You might be using the outdated version of the browser
• Some antivirus or security software might be restricting AOL programs

## Solutions of AOL desktop gold error 212

• You need to repair the windows registries associated with the error
• Ensure that any viruses or malware have not infected the emails
• You need to clean all the junk files using the Clean up tool
• Don’t forget to update your PC regularly
• You should uninstall AOL and then install AOL instant messenger again
• To detect AOL error, you would have to restore the entire Windows system
• You need to use Windows system file checker
• You should also update your system for smoother functioning of the software
• Now, the last step would be to perform a clean installation of the software

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So, if you correctly follow these steps, the issue will be resolved within a few minutes. But if you get to encounter any problem at the time of implementation of these steps, you should either **[aol desktop gold download](https://www.customersupporthelpline.com/download-aol-gold-software/)** once again or contact the support number where the team of experts is available to help you with the most efficient solution in no time at all. These professionals are available 24 hours a day to support you and to solve any issue that you have been facing.

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