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Ayn Rand is an author that penned works that have shaped modern philosophy and politics. She calls the feield of thought that she created objectivism. Her life shaped her ideas, and her ideas shaped the world. Her contributions continue to shape the continuous flow of new thoughts and ideas that are created and discussed around the world. Her literature is a staple of many political and academic groups’ ideas and studies.
Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum was her birth name in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her family was that of a composition of her Father and Mother and her two younger sisters. The family was well off for they owned a pharmacy, therefore giving her the wealth that allowed her to access her education. During her childhood Russia was very unstable, this gives her and\ environment where what is happening is incredibly important politically and also personally because of the massive social ramifications. She was twelve when the revolutions began in 1917 causing the deposition of the imperial autocracy. By 1922 the USSR would become installed as the government causing massive changes and the communist regime holds ever so varied beliefs of that of a monarchy. This would prove rather timely for her for with the newly installed USSR came the benefits of left social reform. The universities were opened to women so she could enroll. In 1926 she moved to the USA.